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Scented Scoopies Wax Melts

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•Bahama Mama is a great fruity blend. Coconut milk, mango, and pistachio create the illusion that you went to the beach, even without leaving your cool house! The scent strength recommended is strong. My fruity smells aren’t the strongest like masculine or nature scents, so I would one up on the strength.

•Cinnamon Rolls is the prefect compliment to Coffee Shop. It’s delicious blend of sweet cinnamon, buttercream, and vanilla is perfect for if you want a sweet aroma! Smells just like they came out of the oven! The scent strength recommended is medium due to the sweet cinnamon.

These melts are made with 100% natural soy wax and fragrance oils. I understand that some may be sensitive to smells and oils, so using those natural ingredients tailor to those that have those allergies or are sensitive to the wax or fragrance oil.